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247 W 38th Street // 3rd Floor
New York, NY


our story:

It all started with boots. Traveling the world by motorcycle,  I had not found a boot that fulfilled both function and fashion.

I wanted a to create a boot that was comfortable, durable and stylish. This has become the foundation for the brand.

Every item, before it is put into production, goes through a rigorous road test on and off a motorcycle. 

Everything from the lining to the hand cut Vibram soles exceeds typical quality. Making sure our products contentiously grow with the technology that's available.

We take pride in offering an exclusive collection that is exclusively made in the USA. We teamed up with Modern Vice shoe factory to hand craft amazing boots.

 Located in the heart of the fashion district, the factiory handles every aspect under one roof. The ideas are taken from sketches in a notebook to a full size run of boots, beautifully displayed in a showroom.

In addition to boots, there are many other leather goods and products that we produce.  As well as vintage and items we have collected through our travels. Keeping in mind to curate a lifestyle.